Animal Medical Clinic

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Video Otoscope


At the Animal Medical Clinic, we have the advanced technology of the video otoscope to treat complicated ear problems.  Prolonged ear infections can lead to debilitating conditions such as deafness and pain.  When an ear problem is not able to be resolved with simple at home ear medications and cleansers, it may be necessary to investigate further why the problem is occurring.  With the video otoscope, we have the capability to remove waxy debris, foreign bodies, infection and polyps from the ear canal while your pet is under anesthesia.  The video otoscope also allows us to place medication deep into the canal at the ear drum if needed.  Because of the scope’s magnification and clarity, we can detect any problems with the ear drum and inner ear as well.  This is not always possible with a handheld otoscope.

Two of our exam rooms are equipped with monitors that can be used with our video otoscope.  This allows our clients to see what we are seeing in their pet’s ears.  We can also provide before and after pictures from the day of the procedure.