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Dental Care
Does your best friend have bad breath? Bad breath may not just be a nuisance. It can be a sign of an unhealthy mouth.  Unfortunately,  our pets do not brush their teeth everyday like their owners and over time, bacteria can lead to plaque and tartar buildup on your pet's teeth.  The result is bad breath, reddened gums (gingivitis), and other common signs of dental disease.  As dental disease progresses, other signs can include drooling, discomfort while chewing, and loose or missing teeth.  Even if you're using treats and chews to help control tartar, these are frequently not enough to keep dental disease in check. 

Dental hygiene is an important part of your pet's health, because dental disease can be associated with other serious health problems such as heart disease and kidney disease.  Dental health shouldn't be taken for granted.  Let us examine your pet's teeth and gums to help determine if there are any dental issues you should know about.  Even if you think your pet's teeth and gums are fine, we can offer expert advice to help you keep them that way.  Fortunately, many dental problems can be managed through at-home care and by bringing your pet to us for regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings.

After a brief visual examination, we may recommend a dental cleaning, or options for at-home dental care.  If you are concerned about your pet going under anesthesia for a dental cleaning, please feel free to speak with our doctors about the procedure.  The Animal Medical Clinic carries C.E.T. products which are specifically designed to help prevent tartar build-up.  The wide range of C.E.T. products include dental chews, tooth paste and tooth brushes as well as treats for your cat.

We want your pet to live a long, healthy life, and we understand that maintaining a healthy mouth is part of that. Your pet's health is important to us, so let us help you with this commitment.  Call today to discuss your pet's dental care needs and how we can help!